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Bonjour ! I am Agathe (pronounced Agate) and I am a professionnal French Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper based in London.

















As a professional Fashion Stylist, I can tell you there is no formula or exact calculation for fashion— think about your own style rather than following what is seen everywhere and the first step towards being you is already taken. If you are thinking about taking that extra step, I’m here to support you to see who you truly are.

If you are ready to take on this adventure and get the professional advice of a real French stylist, to know the tips and tricks that turn an outfit from nice to Wow then book a session now with Chat Noir Styling!

Need any help with your profile photo, CV photo? No problem, I am also an Artist Photographer so please reach out via the contact section for any advice or for a photoshoot.

For any queries regarding Visual Merchandiser needs, please reach out via the contact section.

Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper

I started my professional stylist experience in 2018  as a Visual Merchandiser. I have extensively trained since then and I have worked for various brands in France as we know famous for "la mode", and in the UK. From creating outfits to dressing windows, I have done it all. Whether you are looking to understand your body shape, what colours suit you best or what haircuts would look nice on you, I've got you covered.

It is important for me to respect the unique beauty of every person and to bring out the best in you. I want to respect your lifestyle, personality and tastes while advising you on what would work best for you. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered, no matter the gender, belief, orientation. You are your own unique person and by working together we will reach your fashion goals.

Style Coaching

Online Personal Shopping

Are you looking for new outfits but don't have time to go shopping? Leave it to me! Go to the 'Personal E-Shopping' page and choose your ideal package. I will find you one outfit per month, for one, three, six or twelve months! The choice of brands is yours, you choose what style you want, whether you need an outfit for work or a night out I got you covered!

Click the 'Personal E-Shopping' page for more info and prices!

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In store styling by Agathe

Fashions fade. Style is eternal.

Yves Saint Laurent

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In store styling by Agathe
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