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MY Mission

In an open-minded, professional yet relaxed environment, Chat Noir Styling offers a variety of services in the goal to make your personality shine through the use of fashion styling. I want you to feel confident and empowered, whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are entitled to feel great in your body.

Through a personal experience you will receive the advice and expertise of an accomplished French stylist. Style is eternal, once you have your own, you can adapt it to any clothes, be creative in your wardrobe and tend towards becoming more sustainable by having fun with what you already have.

Chat Noir Styling understands that everyone is different and unique and I want to break the idea that someone should look a certain way because of their background, job, tastes, etc. I want you to be you and to look good for you, I believe that there is not one perfection and that everyone should embrace their uniqueness.

Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Anna Wintour

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Bonjour ! I am Agathe (pronounced Agate) and I am a French professionnal Stylist and Personal Shopper based in London.

I started my professional stylist experience in 2018 as a Visual Merchandiser. I have extensively trained since then and I have worked for various brands in France as we know famous for "la mode", and in the UK. From creating outfits to dressing windows, I have done it all. Whether you are looking to understand your body shape, what colours suit you best or what haircuts would look nice on you, I've got you covered.

It is important for me to respect the unique beauty of every person and to bring out the best in you. I want to respect your lifestyle, personality and tastes while advising you on what would work best for you. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered, no matter the gender, belief, orientation. You are your own unique person and by working together we will reach your fashion goals.

As a professional Fashion Stylist, I can tell you there is no formula or exact calculation for fashion— think about your own style rather than following what is seen everywhere and the first step towards being you is already taken. If you are thinking about taking that extra step, I’m here to support you to see who you truly are.

If you are ready to take on this adventure and get the professional advice of a real French stylist, to know the tips and tricks that turn an outfit from nice to Wow then book a session now!

Need any help with your profile photo, CV photo? No problem, I am also an Artist Photographer so please reach out via the contact section for any advice or for a photoshoot.

For any queries regarding Visual Merchandiser needs, please reach out via the contact section.


To create stylish outfist I love to take inspiration from Pop Culture, such as TV, Films, photography, but also from museum visits, people I see in the street, social media, etc. There are many various places to take inspiration from. I often favour a style that is comfortable, simple yet trendy with a few details that stand out (I guess that's the French way ;) ).

francoise hardy, style, outfit, vintage
lou doillon, style, outfit, fashion
awkwafina, style, outfit, fashion
billie piper, style, outfit, biker jacket
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Code of Conduct


I want to make sure that we have an enjoyable moment during this experience together.

It is primordial then that respect is shown at all times even in case of disagreement, whether we are communicating via email, messages, phone or meeting face to face.

Any form of disrespect towards anyone will not be tolerated and will lead to the session ending and the service not being provided anymore.

As we will be meeting in a public place for some of the services, such as a store, it is also important to respect hygiene rules as well as health and safety. This will allow for a more enjoyable time.

Please also make sure to read the T&C below for more info!

Thank you!

Women's fashion, styling, outfits, denim
Women's fashion, outfits, denim
In store mannequin styling and outfit building by Agathe

Terms and Conditions

This website is owned and operated by Chat Noir Ltd. By accessing or using this website or services, you approve that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms.

In order to use this website and/or receive its services, you must be at least 18 years of age, or of the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, and possess the legal authority, right and freedom to enter into these Terms as a binding agreement

​When buying an item, you agree that: (i) you are responsible for reading the full item listing before making a commitment to buy it: (ii) you enter into a legally binding contract to purchase an item when you complete the check-out payment process

Chat Noir Ltd reserves the right to change any prices for products displayed at any time, and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur.
The fee for the services and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of the service, will be charged to your payment method and will never be paid by Chat Noir Ltd, its shareholders or employees.

​Cancellations of personal e-shopping plans are not permitted and refunds will not be made.

Chat Noir Ltd may, without prior notice, change the services; stop providing the services or any features of the services offered on this Website. She may permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend access to the services without notice and liability for any reason, or for no reason and for anyone.

The Service and all materials on this website, including, without limitation, images, text, logos, service marks, copyrights, photographs, and all Intellectual Property Rights related are the exclusive property of Chat Noir Ltd. Nothing in these Terms shall be deemed to create a license in any Intellectual Property Rights. You agree not to use, adapt, copy, sell, licence any of the content of this website.

You recognize and agree that by uploading/sharing any content through any means to this Website, you confirm that you own all the relevant rights or own the appropriate license. You consent that the shared content may be publicly displayed on the Website.

You agree to indemnify Chat Noir Ltd from any demands, loss, liability, claims or expense (including attorneys’ fees), made against it by any third party in connection with your use of the Website or any of the services offered on the Website.
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Chat Noir Ltd, its shareholders and employees assumes no liability or responsibility for any (i) errors or inaccuracies of content; (ii) allergies, personal, physical, mental injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from your access to or use of this Website and its services and during any face to face meetings; and (iii) unauthorized access to or use of the Website secure servers and/or any and all personal information stored therein.

Chat Noir Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms from time to time at her sole discretion.


Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated and Chat Noir Ltd, its shareholders and employees reserve the right to end any face to face session, email, text, call or any form of exchanges in this instance. They also reserves the right to ban from this Website any party presenting such behaviour.

You agree to receive from time to time promotional messages on any contact form you provided.

These Terms are under British, French and European law.

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