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Prada x Axiom Space: A Collaboration to Design Spacesuits for NASA's Upcoming Moon Mission

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The landscape of space exploration is rapidly evolving into a commercial venture, marked by the inaugural tourist trip on August 10, 2023, facilitated by Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic rocket/spaceship. In line with this emerging trend, Axiom Space, a company founded in 2016 by NASA alumni Michael T. Suffredini and space-focused businessman Kam Ghaffarian, announced a pioneering collaboration with the esteemed fashion house Prada on October 4, 2023. This collaboration aims to contribute to the design of cutting-edge spacesuits for NASA's forthcoming manned and womanned moon mission, which is pivotal in paving the way for future space exploration endeavors, including lunar and Martian missions.

Axiom Space, having set the ambitious goal of owning and operating a commercial space station by 2025, has enlisted Prada's expertise to ensure that the spacesuits employed in these missions are crafted with the utmost precision and technological advancements. The incorporation of "innovative technologies and design" is anticipated to enable "greater exploration of the lunar surface than ever before."

Given Prada's venerable reputation, boasting decades of experience and unparalleled knowledge in fabrics, sewing techniques, and design, the collaboration signifies a logical partnership. Drawing a parallel with historical precedents in commercial aviation, where renowned fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent designed flight attendant uniforms, the collaboration not only ensures the optimal functionality of the spacesuits but also elevates the visibility of both Prada and Axiom Space.

Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, a seasoned NASA astronaut with five missions and four spacewalks to his credit, attests to Prada's potential technical contributions, particularly in the realm of composite fabrics. While dispelling expectations of flamboyant designs, he underscores the critical importance of maintaining an optimal thermal environment in spacesuit design.

In a BBC article, Professor Hoffman states, "A spacesuit is really like a miniature spacecraft. It has to provide pressure, oxygen, keep you at a reasonable temperature." Prada's expertise in composite fabrics positions the fashion house to make significant technical contributions to the outer layers of the new spacesuit.

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The convergence of fashion and science is a noteworthy phenomenon, exemplified by this collaboration. While the spacesuits themselves may not possess fashionable elements, the impact on society remains to be seen. Fashion's influence on society is indisputable, as seen historically during war efforts when fashion played a role in liberating women through the introduction of jumpsuits and trousers in factories.

In this instance, Prada's involvement in the spacesuit design not only underscores the growing nexus between fashion and science but also emphasizes the business aspect of the collaboration. Similar to the historical collaboration with airline attendants, the involvement of a renowned designer contributes to the visibility of both the designer and the venture, potentially drawing attention to Axiom Space's future commercial space station and attracting tourists.

The role of fashion in societal dynamics raises questions about its potential to exacerbate socio-economic imbalances. While fashion can be a force for liberation and beauty, its intersection with business and technology prompts contemplation on its broader impact.

Prada x Axiom Space: innovation, marketing stunt or both?

Sources: BBC, Axiom Space

Images: Prada

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