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Top Picks 001

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Spotted this week, here are the hit items for Women and Men with some Unisex.

Jumper - The Reformation - £278*

Skirt - MyVintage - £32

Coat - Weekday - £135

Boots - Office Shoes - £99.99

Bag - Hill and Ellis - £220

Sunglasses - Mango - £22.99

How to wear: This is an easy one. Preferably wear the skirt at the bottom and the jumper on top (or the other around, it's a free country). Just place the coat on top of your shoulders for more style or wear on one shoulder. On a sunny day, place the sunglasses on... your nose. When the sun goes down, try placing them on the belt loop of the skirt for added detail.

Alternative: Don't fancy wearing the jumper? Try borrowing the orange one below from your boyfriend or even getting it for yourself. It will turn your outfit more casual. When feeling warm, borrow his t-shirt bellow as well and the oversize look will give you style and comfort. Whatever alternative you choose, you'll be ready for either work or for a more casual outting.

Jumper - Nicce - £15

Shirt - Uniqlo - £34.90

T-shirt - Patagonia - £45*

Jeans - Zara - £29.99

Trainers - New Balance - £95

How to wear: There are different ideas here. The simple one, t-shirt and opened shirt on top with the jumper tied at the waist in case it gets cold later (or if you got warm), perfect for casual workplace. Then to add a little something, try to tie the jumper crossbody instead of at the waist. If you want more twist, wear the jumper first, then put the t-shirt on and finally wear the shirt on top and let the hood out. In each case, all colours are visible, then it's just a matter of how bold you feel and where you're going.

Alternative: Borrow your girlfriend's sunglasses above for the sunny days. When not using them, place them on the belt loop of the jeans for added detail.

*Sustainable brands

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